My Life To boldly go where no one has gone before


I made a hybrid app and it got featured on App Store!

Water For Free 撲水 is one of the projects we have been working throughout 2017. It is a water dispenser map, collecting water fountains information in Hong Kong, aiming to help the public to refill their water bottles while on the go. What It Does? Locate the nearest water fountains, path-finding with Google Map integration, you can refill your water bottles while on the go View, Search &...

Leveraging Spot Instances with Spotinst and Rancher

At my startup, we have dockerized all of our services (Yes, it means that all of our client websites are now Docker Images). We use Rancher as our docker orchestration platform, where servers from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and some self-hosted bare metal servers formed a cluster of docker worker nodes. To reduce the cost of using Amazon Elastic Cloud, our docker fleet relies on Spot...

My Life To boldly go where no one has gone before

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